How I Thought Of This Icon


I knew I wanted pixels, and I chose the first two colors from the CMYK color model, cyan and magenta. These colors give a kind of “Ying Yang” mumbo jumbo to it. It can represent a balance between hard skills and soft skills, masculinity and femininity . . . or bringing together creativity and technology, art and science . . . whatever comes to your mind.

Also, I wanted the icon to look like an open book. Then I thought that if I placed four holes between the two colored panels, it would look like a binder. Voila! Icon done!

Yes, yes! The letters over the icon, P and K, mean Pixels4Kids. I get that!

Wrapping up, this icon is meant to be a flag that symbolizes the bridge between programming and multimedia, scientific mindset and artistic mindset . . . again, whatever comes to your mind.

Pixels4Kids would love to be your place for self-development while developing end-to-end amazing quests, exploring, experimenting, creating, expressing, failing, accomplishing, playing, and, of course, learning as a result.

The more you learn, the more exciting the “game” becomes!

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