Getting Started with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the Awesome jQuery

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the most popular programming languages in the world. The web is built on them. Web browsers read and interpret HTML documents enhanced with CSS and JavaScript. While CSS keeps the HTML content looking pretty, JavaScript makes the content dynamic and interactive.

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Freebie: “Pizarra”-to Create Interactive Drawings

This is a cute experiment I built back in 2010 while I was trying to figure out the ins and outs of Box2DFlash, a free 2D physics engine for Flash (Sorry! IOS devices!). The way you play with ‘Pizarra’ is simple: You grab the pen and draw few things. Once you are finished drawing, place the pen back to the tray and click the ‘Preview’ button (and Boom!, magic happens!).

Currently there is a version of Box2D for JavaScript called Box2DJS.

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Let’s Play With Settings

Hey! What’s up? I’m so excited because today is the first day we are officially online. :) This is the beginning of our adventure together at Pixels4Kids.

Your first mission is not only to play a lot with this table tennis game but also to experiment with the settings in order to see how you can enhance it. Can you speed up the ball? Can you change the length of the paddles? There are so many things you can do! The possibilities are endless.

Have fun and we’ll get together again soon!

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Why so many tools?!

Take a moment to look at your hands (yes, you should wash them more often!). Because of your hands, you have the ability to evolve more quickly than nature does. Amazing, right?! With these tools (your hands and fingers), you can grab, smash, throw, catch, push, pull . . . You name it! You can do the most complex tasks, like braiding hair or collecting change from a vending machine.

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How I Thought Of This Icon


I knew I wanted pixels, and I chose the first two colors from the CMYK color model, cyan and magenta. These colors give a kind of “Ying Yang” mumbo jumbo to it. It can represent a balance between hard skills and soft skills, masculinity and femininity . . . or bringing together creativity and technology, art and science . . . whatever comes to your mind.

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