Region 4 DigiCamp 2015: Stop Motion 101

During the week of June 15-19 I had a blast. Yes! The real fun was going on at Region 4 ESC. We were blessed with 17 fourth-grade students from Holbrook Elementary School to participate in our new Region 4 DigiCamp. The talented students received hands-on instruction in video production, digital lessons and stop motion animation.

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Free interactives science teachers can use as virtual playgrounds while exploring physics concepts

Physics Playgrounds

Hey! What’s up? I’m still digging for old samples I made with Adobe Flash (Sorry again, iOS devices!), and the free physics engine called Box2DFlash. I found samples I made to explore the physics engine capabilities, and I decided to put them all together and showcase them as virtual physics playgrounds. You can rearrange both static objects and objects affected by gravity, and you can throw them to explore how they behave and are affected by other objects, gravity, and fluids.

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Freebie: Geometry Math resource for elementary teachers to show the relationship between triangles and rectangles

Triangles Composer

I thought it would be a good idea on this busy “Hour of Code” week to treat students and teachers to this free resource made with Adobe Flash all the way back in 2010. While teachers and parents can use the tool to show the relationships between basic geometric shapes, students can let their imaginations run wild and think about all they can build using only triangles and rectangles.

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If you missed any “Hour of Code” events this week and you wish to get started with web programming, please visit our basic tutorial about Getting Started with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the Awesome jQuery.

Getting Started with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the Awesome jQuery

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the most popular programming languages in the world. The web is built on them. Web browsers read and interpret HTML documents enhanced with CSS and JavaScript. While CSS keeps the HTML content looking pretty, JavaScript makes the content dynamic and interactive.

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Let’s Play With Settings

Hey! What’s up? I’m so excited because today is the first day we are officially online. :) This is the beginning of our adventure together at Pixels4Kids.

Your first mission is not only to play a lot with this table tennis game but also to experiment with the settings in order to see how you can enhance it. Can you speed up the ball? Can you change the length of the paddles? There are so many things you can do! The possibilities are endless.

Have fun and we’ll get together again soon!

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Welcome to Pixels4Kids

Design, Code, Play, Learn.

Letter to Parents

Dear parent, teacher, or guardian,

Welcome to Pixels4Kids. This is Jordi Pol-Mir, a multimedia developer at Region 4. In this blog, we are going to enable young artists to develop their own ideas from beginning to end. Pixels4Kids wants your kids to be independent problem-solving artists who embrace available technology to accomplish their goals. While mastering the art of programming through HTML, CSS, and Javascript, they will discover amazing ways to enhance their projects using multimedia resources.

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